Apeejay Shipping


As the trading activities of the ‘Apeejay Surrendra’ group increased, venturing into shipping was inevitable. In 1948, ‘Apeejay Lines’ (as we were known then) began, in a humble way, by buying m.v. APJ ARUNA that ferried about 2,000 tons of coal & salt along the Indian coastline. As the business grew over the years, so did our fleet. Having consolidated our business along the Indian coast, our fleet started trading internationally.

We pioneered new trade routes and were the founder member of the East Coast West Gulf Conference Line. We also hold the distinction of sending the first Indian ship through the then newly opened, St. Lawrence Seaway.

During the last seven decades, recessions have hit shipping worldwide; markets have collapsed. One of the few Indian companies to have survived the roller coaster and often turbulent shipping markets, “Apeejay Shipping” trudged along, changing tack and consolidating, surviving the bad times and waiting for the markets to turn. In the process, we continue to build upon our reputation in international and national shipping.

Moving from strength to strength we are now on the threshold of a new era of expansion and growth.