Apeejay Shipping

Safety & Quality

The objective of Apeejay Shipping Limited is to operate all vessels in the fleet in a manner which ensure safety at sea, prevention of injury or loss of life, avoidance of damage to the marine environment and property.

In order to achieve the above objectives the company has adopted a Safety Management System that seeks to ensure:

  • That applicable mandatory rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards recommended by IMO, relevant Flag States, Classification Societies and maritime industry organisations are taken into account.
  • Provide world class shipping service to our customers at the most economical costs and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Operate all ships in the company fleet in a manner responsible to the society by maintaining laid down standards, safe working conditions for the crewmembers, equipment and the ships.
  • Maintain working environment, which is conducive to an atmosphere of trust amongst our employees.

Safety Management System outlined in this Safety and Quality Management Manual has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines of :

  • International Safety Management Code for the Safe Operations of Ships (ISM Code).
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Standards for Quality Systems.

The purpose of this system shall be to:

  • Provide procedures / instructions for safe working practices, maintaining the condition of the vessel and equipment.
  • Establish safeguards against all identified risks.
  • Continuously improve safety management system skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for all potential contingencies related to safety of vessel & personnel and environmental protection.
  • Emphasise prevention through conformance to requirements, with a goal of avoiding accidents, failures, casualties and losses while continuously increasing safety and efficiency.
  • Ensure adequate training is imparted to shipboard and shore personnel to enable them perform their duties efficiently and effectively.